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Welcome To Amrut Ayurveda And Panchkarm CenterTo nurture the excellent and Competent ayurvedic health care.

Panchbhautic Chikitsa

Unique type of Ayurveda treatment focused on perfect diagnosis of disease and we give excellent treatment to get better result.

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Specialized Ayurvedic Treatment

Special treatments on various disease like Spine disorders,Infertility,Renal disorders with the help of panchakarma ayurveda and yoga under one roof

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And Yoga

Yoga plays key role in health and mental disease. If you are little bit confused about where and how to start please visit Amrut Ayurveda and Yoga Centre.

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What We DoWe treat mentally and physically challenged cases with natural and traditional treatments

Panchakarma is a cleansing process which is useful to cure the disease and also useful in maintaining the well being. It cleans the body by draining the deposited toxins(dosha) which are produced during day by day processes. It includes therapies like Vaman, Virechan, Basti, Nasya, Raktamokshan.


What are the benefits of Ayurveda over allopathy?

Ayurveda is the age old holistic science of life which is the perfect and accurate approach in the field of health care. Ayurveda originates from the Sanskrit word ‘ayur’ which means life and ‘veda’ which means ‘to know’. It was invented around 5000 years ago in India. Dhanavantri is believed to be God of Ayurveda. The benefits of Ayurvedic medicines are numerous. Let us now look at the advantages and benefits of Ayurveda over the modern Allopathic approach of medical treatment.

Last Updated On 02/06/2018