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Good food builds good mood

Health Corner

Eating food is not the only way to stay fit and healthy. Eating good, fresh food in required proportions is also equally important. We have analyzed that every working professional needs a balanced diet which we provide in our square meal. A right combination of variety of vegetables, rice, chappatis, Dal, Salad . Eating the food at the right time in the right quantities helps us in providing the essential energy, nutrition required by our body during daily work and to keep our mind fresh and alert always. Regular timely food also helps us to remain healthy, increases our resistance power and increases our longevity. We at Siddhi Care aim to spread a positive message on food and nutrition awareness that will help, equip and strengthen people everywhere.

Health Tips


However busy or in hurry or tired you may be; always wash your hands properly with a good soap and water before every meal. Most of the infections and contagious diseases spread through unhealthy eating habits.


Science behind drinking water- Drink a glass of water 30 minutes before your meal and 1 hour after you meal. After eating your digestive system gets active in process of breaking down the eaten food, absorption, dissolving and segregating the unwanted aspects. Water during or immediately after meal dilutes the digestive juices thereby disrupting the process leading to burps, gases and disorders.


Avoid heavy meals at night. Night meals should as early as possible. There should be minimum gap of 2 hrs after dinner and before sleeping.


Avoid binge eating. Always break your food into 4-5 smaller proportions to be consumed after every 2 hrs interval.


Have a heavy breakfast, basic lunch and a light dinner.


Drink hot water with lemon in morning to boost our metabolism, burn fat, energize our body and refresh our morning mood.